Frequently Asked Questions

How do we officially book?
A 25% deposit and signed contracts are required to officially book with us! The 25% deposit will be based off an estimated invoice.

Do we need to get a meat choice RSVP count from guests?
No, we prepare 75% of each meat/entrée. We know that some guests want to try a little of both the options and we want to make sure you get some leftovers as well!

Do you provide dinnerware if the venue does not?
We can provide black plastic plates, silverware, and white napkins for no extra cost. They will be on the buffet line and our staff does not buss these.
We can provide real plates, silverware, and black napkins for an additional $5/person, which will include our staff to buss the tables. We typically keep this on the buffet line.
*We do not have linen napkins.

Do we get to keep the leftover food?
Yes, if the leftover waiver is signed! We will bring containers, pack it up for you, and leave it in the cooler at the venue for you to take home that evening. If you are staying in a hotel and do not have anyone to take it that evening, we can bring it back to our kitchen to be picked up the following business day.

What is all included in the buffet price?
Our staff will set up, maintain, and clean up the buffet line. We will also bring containers to pack up the leftovers for you!

What time do you arrive? How do you keep the food hot?
We will arrive 45 minutes before supper is served. We cook all of our food in our kitchen and travel with it in hot boxes. The food will be served in chaffers. We pride ourselves in the quality, consistency, and temperature of the food.

What can you do for kid’s meals?
With most weddings, the kids eat off the buffet. We could also bring mac and cheese for them if you would prefer; with this, we will keep it in the kitchen and will plate it up for the kids as they come through the line.

When do you need our final count/payment?
The final count will be due two weeks prior to the wedding. Please make sure you let us know how many adults and how many kids 10 & under so we can give you the discount for kids! We will then send you the final invoice and all the details for the big day to confirm and the final payment would then be due one week prior, no later!